Making a list #1

So I decide for December, I would make lists of various things so here’s #1.

These past 7 years have definitely been a journey.  It seems like a different lifetime, a  totally different person.  It has been a  learning period, a reinvention if you will.  Here are 8 things I have learned:

  1. I am WAY stronger than I ever thought I was (mentally and physically)
  2. I CAN do anything that I put my mind to.
  3. NEVER say never!  -(Justin Bieber is right!)
  4. Once getting out of my own head-  my body is capable of doing WAY more than my head says it can.
  5. People are watching – what you do really has impact on people whether they tell you so or not.  It could be your kids, parents, friends or acquaintances… you live healthy  and it WILL impact someone in a positive way.
  6. DO NOT give up!
  7. Ask for help!
  8. Give help- since starting my blog and helping people I have realized that in fact it’s my readers that are helping me!
Have a great week and remember, fit and healthy is a lifestyle. It’s a learning process not only about how to live, but how to make a better you, inside and out.  I am still learning and changing every day.





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