Are you Logging?

If you have been reading my blog you know I am a HUGE logging your food and workouts advocate!  I feel it’s important for newbies just starting out on their journey and for veterans.   I believe your journey starts first and foremost with how you eat, how much you eat, when you eat and what you eat.

It’s funny, well not really “funny” in a ha ha ha way, but funny in an ironic way.  People say they are doing “everything” they can to loose weight and they have hit a “plateau” or “don’t know why the weight isn’t coming off.”  In reality they are NOT doing everything it takes.

It takes:

  • eating right
  • exercising
  • logging
  • measuring your food

If you are going to take the time to exercise and  eat “right” (which are the harder steps) then why not take that extra little step and measure and log your food and exercise?!?!?!?!?  TOTALLY don’t get it.

Why I feel it’s so for those just starting out:

ALL the time I hear  “I don’t really eat that much” or “I watch what I eat”   If that’s the case why are you overweight?  Why are you struggling?  The point of logging is to make you aware and accountable.  If you log everything and eat within the calories/calorie deficit then there are no questions and no excuses why you shouldn’t be loosing the weight.

Why it’s important that veterans log:

We get complacent.  Period.  We think we are eating the serving size but over time it becomes more and more.  I still log to get me back on track.  We condition our bodies.  We gradually start eating more and our bodies gradually start needing more.

People are “food spoiled” and have the mentality of “I don’t wanna”.  It’s really not that hard to log.  If being healthy and loosing weight is important then take the time to do it!

There are tons of free food logging phone apps and websites few of my favorites are:

Daily Burn is one of my favorites because not only can you log online they also have a smart phone  app and a smart phone bar code scanner app so you don’t even need to type in the words.  They have an EXTENSIVE food and workout data base!  It syncs with the web site so if you log on your phone it updates on the computer.

A new one I just discovered and am loving is


Calorie Counter

There is NO excuses.  It couldn’t be easier to log what you eat. If you are really doing everything you possibly can to be healthy, loose weight, get back on track… whatever it is… you should be logging and be honest!

I CHALLENGE all of you to start logging your food daily!

Diet vs Life Change

Indeed there is a difference between eating healthy and a diet.  Diet is a dirty word.   A diet is a “fad”.  It is something that is not sustainable for the rest of your life, which wont be as long as it could be if you do a diet and not a life change.  Diet is temporary, as opposed to a state of mind. Change your life, not your “diet of the week”.


When you diet, you’re more likely to put the weight back on.  Yo-yo dieting is almost as bad for you as being overweight.  That’s why “fad” diets are so terrible for you.  You can not go without carbs your whole life, or get meals in the mail forever, or eat cabbage for a certain amount of time and not expect to gain the weight back. You need to reach deep down inside and figure out why you have gained the weight, and not only get your butt in gear, but also get your eating straight and your mind together.  They ALL work together. They are all important keys to success.

Before you change your eating you need to change your way of thinking.  Stop having that “spoiled” food mentality of “I don’t wanna”.   I don’t want to measure my food.   I don’t want to get the lower calorie dinner at the restaurant.  I don’t want to have fruit instead of a candy bar.  Instead of thinking of it as a punishment think of it as a reward for your body.  A reward for a healthier, stronger you!


As my reader/follower I would like you to do one thing for me.  Eliminate the word “diet” from your vocabulary.  In fact it’s not about words at al,l it’s about actions and living.



How Do I Get Started?

Easy, well kinda.  Easy if you are mentally ready.  Getting mentally ready can be the hard part.   “I’ll start Monday” and while mentally preparing for “Monday” you go on a binge eating spree.  Why must it be Monday?  Start today, even if it is a Friday or Wednesday!   OMG yes I said it.  It’s OK to start on a day in the middle of the week.   I know your thinking, “she has lost her mind”, but it can happen and it should happen.

Once you have gotten it out of your head that you have to “prepare” for a winter hibernation and pack on 5 pounds while waiting for “Monday” to start, start slow.  Start with eating healthy and a get up and moving workout.

You must start with what you are eating.  Loosing weight and getting healthy is 80% diet and 20% exercise.  You must change your eating habits.   Lets face it, those extra pounds did not appear magically and will not magically disappear, this is not a “will it to happen” kinda thing.    What you put in your mouth is a bigger factor than even exercising.

Then start  by just doing 20 min of cardio at the gym.   In fact… wait for it… you don’t even need the gym!  I know this post is just blowing everything out of the water, don’t forget to breath while reading this mind blowing information.

You can start off by doing a workout video.  7 years ago I started with Walk Away The Pounds.  A  few years ago I did  Jillian Michaels-30 day Shred, just to change up my routine a bit.

Fitness and healthy food is at your finger tips, and the lame excuses are just that, LAME and EXCUSES!  You don’t need to dedicate 2 or 3 hours to a workout.  20-40 min a day will help you live longer and live a healthier life!   There is a million workout videos that are great and effective.  Lets face it, reality is that most people don’t have 1,2,3 hours to spend working out a day.  30 minutes a day is better than nothing at all.   PLUS, once you get started, and see how great you feel, you will probably find the time to do a little more.

The most important thing is to just get started doing something… anything. Make a change today towards a better you.


Push Yourself Challenge

I was talking to my daughter the other about her P.E. class and she said her teacher grades on effort.  I told her “so you better try, and that includes running (which she hates)”.   She then proceeds to tell me she does try but she just isn’t a good runner.  I asked when she stopped running, and she said “after a couple minutes.”  I begin to lecture her on “effort”, and pushing your body past it’s comfort zone.  This led me to think that not only children have this issue, but it’s hard for adults to overcome also.

When we are working out, and we stop right at or a little over our comfort level… when you think I just can’t go any faster, I just can’t lift any heavier, I just can’t do another rep, I just can’t do another minute… that is  your mind telling you that you are working out as hard as you can.  HOWEVER,  your body can be pushed further.  That “difficult” stage is the hump. Once you get over that “OMG I’m gonna die feeling” it gets better.  PUSH YOURSELF!

So, here is my challenge to all of you: Just when you think you can’t go faster, harder, heavier, one more minute, … GO faster, PUSH yourself past what your mind thinks you can’t do.  You will be surprised and proud of yourself.

I want to hear from you to see how you pushed yourself.