Are You Being True To Yourself?

Not giving it your all during a workout, stopping at the fast food restaurant on the way home,  telling yourself your not eating that much, thinking that your jeans  won’t button because they shrunk in the dryer… who are you fooling?  Your friends?  Family?  Spouse?  Who cares?  Does that hamburger hurt your family?


When you do not give it your ALL at the gym, the only person your hurting is yourself!  When you eat that fast food, the only person you’re hurting is YOURSELF!  When you are lying about the tight jeans, the only person your hurting is?   You get the picture.  Look at yourself in the mirror, no REALLY look at yourself in the mirror,  and be honest with YOU!  At the end of the day, that’s all you have.



Accept everything about yourself–I mean everything, You are you and that is the beginning and the end–no apologies, no regrets.–Clark Moustakas

Work Out Your Workouts

I am always setting new goals and challenges for myself, so that I always have something to work for (added incentive if you will).  I am always tweaking and mixing up my workouts.

So,  for the past few weeks I have been doing a totally different workout regime that I have never done before.  I have ALWAYS done cardio!  Lately my body hasnt really been changing.  I decided I wanted to do even more weight lifting.  So I figured when in Rome, right? A lot of weight lifters/body builders do not do cardio the same day they lift because it has been said they “counteract” each other.  It’s something I have never tried,  so after getting out of my own head and convincing myself it’s ok to not do cardio every day, I jumped in head first and gave it a try.  I was planning on trying it for at least a month and see what would happen.  I most definitely notice a change in my muscles after a couple weeks which is what I wanted.

HOWEVER, and this is a bigggggg however, I also noticed a change in my energy level, I felt bloated all the time, my knees hurt like crazy, and I just felt like crap! It’s been a long time since I haven’t done cardio everyday, and the effects of not doing it for a couple weeks is crazy and mind blowing!  So, once again I am changing my workout.

So here’s my point, we read articles, hear from professionals, and know “the rules” to obtain certain goals, but in the end you have to listen to your body.  Experimenting with your workouts, eating, and even suppliments in the end make you and your workouts more productive!  While we should “follow” the rules, your workouts need to be fine tuned to YOU!

Also, setting new goals for your body is always a great idea.  It keeps you on track and focused on a goal.

In the mean time, while trying this new weightlifting routine, I got contacted my  to be part of a supplement testing program.  I figured why not.  I love love love Muscle and Fitness magazine and their web site.

I got my first package and in the little brown box was and amazing pre-workout supplement called X Fit Trainer  pre workout formula.   It was awesome, and gave me that extra energy (that I wasn’t  getting from not doing cardio) to make it through a long weight lifting session.  If you are looking for a pre- workout supplement, I highly recommend this one!

Here’s a challenge to all my readers:

Set a fitness goal for yourself.  Email me your  goal and then email me when you reach that goal.  When I have heard from several people I will make a post featuring all of you who have met your goals.  Who’s down?


To be a part of Muscle and Fitness supplement testing program check it out here: Muscle and Fitness Sampling Program. 

Push Yourself Challenge

I was talking to my daughter the other about her P.E. class and she said her teacher grades on effort.  I told her “so you better try, and that includes running (which she hates)”.   She then proceeds to tell me she does try but she just isn’t a good runner.  I asked when she stopped running, and she said “after a couple minutes.”  I begin to lecture her on “effort”, and pushing your body past it’s comfort zone.  This led me to think that not only children have this issue, but it’s hard for adults to overcome also.

When we are working out, and we stop right at or a little over our comfort level… when you think I just can’t go any faster, I just can’t lift any heavier, I just can’t do another rep, I just can’t do another minute… that is  your mind telling you that you are working out as hard as you can.  HOWEVER,  your body can be pushed further.  That “difficult” stage is the hump. Once you get over that “OMG I’m gonna die feeling” it gets better.  PUSH YOURSELF!

So, here is my challenge to all of you: Just when you think you can’t go faster, harder, heavier, one more minute, … GO faster, PUSH yourself past what your mind thinks you can’t do.  You will be surprised and proud of yourself.

I want to hear from you to see how you pushed yourself.



Stop Comparing Yourself!

All our lives we have looked at the “pretty girl”, and wanted to be like her, or looked at the rich kid, and wanted their designer jeans.  Lets face the facts, you are you, and you are never going to be someone else.  I know, just call me Captain Obvious.  However, we all do it.  We look at someone and want what they have.  Let’s get honest,  there will ALWAYS be someone out there prettier than you, fitter than you , richer than you… blah blah blah the list goes on and on.  It won’t get you anywhere to compare yourself to anyone!

The only way to get what you want is hard work and being the BEST YOU that you can be!  We all owe it to ourselves to be our best us.  There is no “perfect” person.  I have lost 120 pounds, I have muscles and have NEVER been more fit or happy with my body.   However I have  stretch marks on my stomach.  So yes I have flaws (tons of them), but at the end of the day, I know I have done everything in my power to improve the things that can be changed and accept the flaws I cannot.

 So instead of looking at yourself and pointing out the things you hate, that can’t be changed, look at yourself and pick out things you love and work on the flaws that can be improved!

Earn Your Weight Loss

You must earn your weight loss, and learn lessons throughout your journey if you ever want it to last, be maintained, and to be a lifestyle… and not just a “diet” (have I mentioned how much I hate that word?). Your mistakes, trials, tribulations, and victory’s are what make you a better person and the same lessons apply to your body!

There is NO miracle. There is NO “fast and easy” weight loss.   It’s hard work, dedication, commitment, and consistency.  Slow, steady weight loss is the only way to go to lose and maintain a healthy way of living for the rest of your life.

Anything that makes you loose weight fast is NEVER going to be a lasting thing.   Just think about it this way, “if you do it right, you earn every pound you loose from sweat and sacrifice.” You cherish it.  If  something gets handed to you and there is no effort involved, you don’t really have an “attachment”.  and don’t know what is really involved. You didn’t have to work for it!  With hard work comes pride.

Think about this:  If you implement exercise, eating right, and living healthy, only one year from now you could be at, or very close to your goal!  Let me say that again, ONLY ONE YEAR  from now you could be at, or very close to  your goal.  Years come and go by so very fast, especially the older we get.   One year is not a very long time in the whole scheme of things!  How awesome would that be if you could be there this time next year?!?!?!

Start today!  Don’t wait until Monday, New Years, or next month… START TODAY!  Today change one thing that leads to a healthy life, then change one thing tomorrow.  It’s not about a crash diet or crazy workout routine.  It’s about changing habits of day to day life and becoming the healthiest and the best you that you can be!




7 Key Elements to success

  1. SUPPORT – If it were not for the total support of my husband, I would never have gotten where I am today!  If the people around you are not supportive, find people that are… chat boards, friends, co-workers, me. 🙂
  2. MINI GOALS – Set mini goals for yourself. Sometimes the end result seems unachievable, and so very far away.  Whether it’s a pair of jeans that you love but can’t fit into anymore, or a 10 pound mark… it’s up to you, but ALWAYS set mini goals.  Once you hit that goal, set another one.
  3. PLAN – Plan meals ahead of time.
  4. BE PREPARED – I make sure I have a bag of healthy snacks with me in case I am out and about and get hungry.  There is no temptation.  I also pack my lunch if I think I am going to be out around lunchtime.  Saves money and calories!
  5. LOG LOG LOG – Log everything you put into your mouth, and log your workouts!  One bite here and another there really ADDS UP!  I hear all the time, “I really don’t eat much.”  I used to think the same thing until I started logging. I use for my logging.  It is free (paid version is available for more options, if you want). They also have an iPhone app that updates you account on the website, and a barcode scanner so you can just scan your food as you eat it.  They also have exercise tutorials, and the food bank is one of the most extensive I have seen.
  6. MEASURE – Measure your food, even if you “know” how much you are having.  It keeps ya’ honest. 🙂
  7. BE HONEST – The only person you are hurting is yourself.

All 7 of these work together and make a great recipe for success.  Missing one of these elements will only make the already uphill battle even harder and set you up for failure.

These are really not hard, and very simple to do.  Even after my weight loss, I still implement all these elements into my life.

I do not believe in “diets”.  I believe in a lifestyle change, and these will help change your life.  Diet is something you do for a while then stop. Dieting is not something you can keep up for the rest of your life.  I think that is why there is so much yo-yo weight loss.  LIVE healthy and it can be maintained for the rest of your (long) life.


My Fitness Journey

I have never written a blog before. From the advice from a friend, I decided I would give it a try. I mean, why not?  I have a story and history that I think is relatable to people, people who have struggled with weight or even people who have never struggled, but are now.  My blog posts in the future won’t be this long, but I’d like to give you my back story. It shows you that I am just like you, and that the accomplishments I have achieved are reachable for anyone!  Bad things happen to normal people like you and I, but good things happen to people like you and I too! It’s up to me to make the good things happen and not let the bad things win!   It took me a long time to realize this, and since I have, I have never been happier, more fit, healthier,  and more comfortable in my own skin. Let me take you back to my journey…

I grew up an only child of two working parents.  I was not a chubby child but definitely not thin.  I was told I was “larger” boned.   Like so many people, I never felt comfortable in my own skin.  I grew up with parents that made me eat everything on my plate, but watched what I ate very carefully.  I was very monitored and limited in my portions.  My parents meant well, but I believe this is where my eating “issues” began.  When I would go over to a friend’s house, I would eat all the crappy cereal, chips, and junk I wasn’t allowed to eat at home.  I would sneak into the kitchen at night, and take food to my room, because I was still hungry after dinner.

I was 14. Two masked men broke into my home while my mom and I were home, robbed us at gun point, rapped me, and held guns to the back of our heads and threatened to kill us.  That’s when my self destruction took full charge of me.  I started smoking, drinking, partying, binge eating, and even some bulimia.   Unfortunately, I let those circumstances feed on my insecurity’s and allowed the situation to get the best of me.

My 3 daughters were born. It wasn’t until after the birth of my 3 daughters that I REALLY got large!

After the birth of my first daughter, I remember going into Mervyn’s clothes shopping with my mother-in-law and brother-in-law and having to shop in the plus size section for the first time ever.  I was devastated, and my brother-in-law said, “well then why don’t you just loose weight”.   I wondered, is it really that easy and something is just wrong with me? Heather 2005

I hit a high of 240 lbs. Size 22 (and that was tight).  OUCH!

November 2006
I started doing weight watchers for the umpteenth time, and the weight started to come off.  I lost at least a pound a week.  Why was this time different?  Who knew, but it was!  I remember thinking, “I know I am never going to be a size 1, I just want to be thinner and not so uncomfortable.”  I set “mini” goals, and every time I dropped a size, I would go out and buy a new couple of new outfits.

November 2007
I lost a total of 70 pounds, but I never worked out,  and still wasn’t eating right.  I wouldn’t eat fruits, vegetables, or dairy because I didn’t want to “waste” my points.  I was still a “food brat”, and didn’t want to feel “deprived”.  I had tons of REALLY loose belly skin, so I had a tummy tuck.  At this point, 80 pounds down, I STILL did not feel or eat healthy.

I talked my husband into buying me an elliptical.  Reluctantly, he bought me a cheap one, thinking this was going to be like every other workout equipment he has bought in the past, and it was going to sit there gathering dust and becoming another clothes rack.  To be honest, part of me kinda had the same thoughts.  But, I am proud to say we were both wrong. In fact, it was one of the most life changing, magical, amazing things that EVER happened to me. I couldn’t get enough, I started feeling awesome, started eating more fruits and vegetables, and actually caring about my health. Over time I started incorporating small weights, then big weights, stability ball, elastic bands, weight bench… building my own home gym.

I have lost 120 pounds, and i’m in a Juniors size 1 jean.  YUP… me, the girl who NEVER thought she would be “small”. WHOLLY COW… Me.  ME?  Me of all people. I have biceps, a six pack… I have muscles!!!!!!! Never in a million years (maybe 2 million years) did I EVER think that this would be my body! 36 years old, stay at home mom of 3 girls, and in the best shape of my life!  Even in high school I wasn’t this small. I love working out so much that I studied to be a personal trainer.  I never took the test. I decided that this wasn’t the path I wanted. I really just want to inspire normal, everyday people: moms; teens; men; anyone that doesn’t think that being fit and healthy is obtainable. I have so much to share


SO, as I come to the end of my very first post, I want to leave you with this…
Everyone has struggles. Do not let those struggles define you, or let them determine you path.  You deserve and owe it to yourself to be the best you you can be!  I spent too long being a “victim” of my circumstances, making excuses why I can’t work out or eat right. I am a strong woman, and I love me!  It’s time to stop make excuses, and take control of your life! Peace, love, and exercise!