Diet vs Life Change

Indeed there is a difference between eating healthy and a diet.  Diet is a dirty word.   A diet is a “fad”.  It is something that is not sustainable for the rest of your life, which wont be as long as it could be if you do a diet and not a life change.  Diet is temporary, as opposed to a state of mind. Change your life, not your “diet of the week”.


When you diet, you’re more likely to put the weight back on.  Yo-yo dieting is almost as bad for you as being overweight.  That’s why “fad” diets are so terrible for you.  You can not go without carbs your whole life, or get meals in the mail forever, or eat cabbage for a certain amount of time and not expect to gain the weight back. You need to reach deep down inside and figure out why you have gained the weight, and not only get your butt in gear, but also get your eating straight and your mind together.  They ALL work together. They are all important keys to success.

Before you change your eating you need to change your way of thinking.  Stop having that “spoiled” food mentality of “I don’t wanna”.   I don’t want to measure my food.   I don’t want to get the lower calorie dinner at the restaurant.  I don’t want to have fruit instead of a candy bar.  Instead of thinking of it as a punishment think of it as a reward for your body.  A reward for a healthier, stronger you!


As my reader/follower I would like you to do one thing for me.  Eliminate the word “diet” from your vocabulary.  In fact it’s not about words at al,l it’s about actions and living.



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