Earn Your Weight Loss

You must earn your weight loss, and learn lessons throughout your journey if you ever want it to last, be maintained, and to be a lifestyle… and not just a “diet” (have I mentioned how much I hate that word?). Your mistakes, trials, tribulations, and victory’s are what make you a better person and the same lessons apply to your body!

There is NO miracle. There is NO “fast and easy” weight loss.   It’s hard work, dedication, commitment, and consistency.  Slow, steady weight loss is the only way to go to lose and maintain a healthy way of living for the rest of your life.

Anything that makes you loose weight fast is NEVER going to be a lasting thing.   Just think about it this way, “if you do it right, you earn every pound you loose from sweat and sacrifice.” You cherish it.  If  something gets handed to you and there is no effort involved, you don’t really have an “attachment”.  and don’t know what is really involved. You didn’t have to work for it!  With hard work comes pride.

Think about this:  If you implement exercise, eating right, and living healthy, only one year from now you could be at, or very close to your goal!  Let me say that again, ONLY ONE YEAR  from now you could be at, or very close to  your goal.  Years come and go by so very fast, especially the older we get.   One year is not a very long time in the whole scheme of things!  How awesome would that be if you could be there this time next year?!?!?!

Start today!  Don’t wait until Monday, New Years, or next month… START TODAY!  Today change one thing that leads to a healthy life, then change one thing tomorrow.  It’s not about a crash diet or crazy workout routine.  It’s about changing habits of day to day life and becoming the healthiest and the best you that you can be!




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