Exercise Logging Sheets

If your not new to my blog, you all know what a HUGE advocate of logging I am!  If you are new here, guess what? I am a HUGE advocate of logging.  I like to write down my workouts [on paper], in addition to logging it on Dailyburn.com  I keep ALL my sheets and can look back on the day, week, or whatever and I can see my progress and what exercises I have already done that week.

Here is the form I made up to use for my logging.


In addition to logging my daily exercise, I also like to have a calendar hanging in my gym to short log the day and what body part I am doing that day, what  I have already done, and what is coming up.  It helps plan my week, body part, cardio, and days off.  I like to have things in writing.  It’s kind of like having a before pic.  It is a constant reminder of my priorities and how far I have come.  It has also kept me successful in keeping the weight off and always evolving with my workouts!


On the left I write the week.  Then in the square I write what cardio I did and how many min.  Then to the right of that in the same square I abbreviate what body part I am doing.

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