Healthy Replacements – Dinner

Note: This post is part 3 of 3, on healthy replacements for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Here are some popular unhealthy (or less healthy) foods and healthier replacements. I implement most of these in my eating habits.


Less Healthy More Healthy
pork chop-breaded pork chop lightly seasoned and bbq’ed
chicken with sauce chicken with bbq sauce
spaghetti brown rice, steamed veggies and a little bit of chicken mixed together
hamburgers salmon or turkey patty on a whole wheat bun
steak talapia or salmon
tacos corn tortilla with some fresh salsa and some kind of fish/ or sliced up chicken breast
rice Quinoa or cous cous
noodles sweet potato fries
baked potato baked sweet potato

When in doubt eat a sweet potato 🙂

My weaknesses

  • chocolate
  • ice cream
  • buttered popcorn

I replace them with

  • low fat brownies – I REALLY like Betty Crocker.
  • fat free ice cream – Bryers has the best fat free ice cream IMO
  • light/fat free popcorn

Note:  I always have fruit or veggies before every meal, and try to drink a large glass of water before I eat.  I feel more full, and that way it insures I am eating more of the good stuff and getting my water in.  Every meal I have protein, and rarely ever eat carbs for dinner. Lunch is generally my larger, more high caloric meal.

One more tip

It sounds weird, but I always eat a healthy snack right before dinner… raw veggies and hummus, carrots, nuts.  This causes me to not eat as much at dinner, specially since my larger meal is lunch, I don’t need a big dinner.

A healthy dinner plate should be 1/4 Lean Protein, 1/2 Low Glycemic Carbs, and 1/2 Salads or Veggies.

What are some of your unhealthy dinner or guilty pleasure choices that I can help you replace with a healthier version?

4 thoughts on “Healthy Replacements – Dinner

    • LOL. There are some meat cuts with a very high fat content. However, steaks like top sirloin are very lean. Just pick a lean cut steak. Also, steak shouldn’t be eaten more than once or twice a week.

    • A balsamic vinegar is great if its made with olive oil. When choosing a salad dressing the top three ingredients should be oil, water, and some kind of vinegar. Avoid fat free dressings, they are usually highly processed and contain no good nutrition. Another good tip is to have the dressing on the side and dip your fork in the dressing then put the fork in the salad.

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