Perseverance and Dedication

Where does perseverance,  dedication, and the will to keep fighting come from?  Sometimes it takes more effort than other times.  Sometimes we just need to dig deep!  But no matter what kind of shape you are in, no matter what stage of your journey you are in, you still have bad days and good days.  Don’t let those bad days take over. Don’t let them ruin everything you have done and everything your are going to do.  OK, so you ate the cupcake.  It’s one cupcake. Don’t then think “OH well I ate that cupcake, the rest of my day is screwed the rest of the day doesn’t matter”.  IT DOES MATTER!

You need to find what brings out that “fight” in you.  What motivated you.  What brings you up from the ashes and you need to do it and don’t loose that perspective!

My husband made me watch this the other day, and no matter what your thoughts are on Arnold Schwarzenegger, he has overcome and persevered. He got to where he was today by digging deep.  Please take a few minutes to watch this video now. It is a little long at 12 minutes, but it is 12 minutes of your life well spent.

ESPN Films 30 for 30 Shorts – Arnold’s Blueprint

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