Push Yourself Challenge

I was talking to my daughter the other about her P.E. class and she said her teacher grades on effort.  I told her “so you better try, and that includes running (which she hates)”.   She then proceeds to tell me she does try but she just isn’t a good runner.  I asked when she stopped running, and she said “after a couple minutes.”  I begin to lecture her on “effort”, and pushing your body past it’s comfort zone.  This led me to think that not only children have this issue, but it’s hard for adults to overcome also.

When we are working out, and we stop right at or a little over our comfort level… when you think I just can’t go any faster, I just can’t lift any heavier, I just can’t do another rep, I just can’t do another minute… that is  your mind telling you that you are working out as hard as you can.  HOWEVER,  your body can be pushed further.  That “difficult” stage is the hump. Once you get over that “OMG I’m gonna die feeling” it gets better.  PUSH YOURSELF!

So, here is my challenge to all of you: Just when you think you can’t go faster, harder, heavier, one more minute, … GO faster, PUSH yourself past what your mind thinks you can’t do.  You will be surprised and proud of yourself.

I want to hear from you to see how you pushed yourself.



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