Should You Work Out When You Are Sick?

A couple weeks ago I woke up with the with a  sore throat, tired, dragging… just not feeling great.  During the winter, with the kids getting sick and what not this happens occasionally.  I feel a cold coming on, but I continue to work out, and it seems like the cold never really takes off.   It may be a less intense workout, or a little bit of longer rest periods between sets, but I ALWAYS feel better after I workout.  It’s not for everyone, but I know people struggle with the “do I” or “don’t I’s” when they are sick.  For me it is DO because I (and that’s a BIG “I”) feel like it helps me fight off my cold.

There have been studies done and moderate exercise while being sick has not been proven to increase or decrease the length or severity of a cold.  It’ s up to you and your body.

So, here are the general rules about working out when your sick:

  • Never workout with a fever
  • Take the intensity level down
  • Rest more between sets
  • If it’s above the neck and you feel ok then go for it
  • If it’s below the neck SKIP IT!  If you feel any bronchial tightness, DO NOT WORKOUT!!!!!!!!
  • Don’t workout if you are achy
  • Take a anti-bacterial hand sanitizer with you to the gym! Be polite for Gods sake!


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