The L Word (logging)

 Dear Heather

                       I need help.  I  watch what I eat and eat fairly healthy, I try to exercise, and I just don’t understand why I am not losing weight or seeing the results that I want!


Now, if you think this is about you and  you are reading this going OMG how could she blog about about the message I sent her? You would be WRONG.  Well kinda.  I get this message weekly.

First of all, I am going to address this problem as a whole with ONE solution.

LOG!  For crying out loud people.  I don’t understand what it is about logging that freaks people out.  It’s like the word “budget”. The second people hear that word, they shut down.  People are willing to go run 5  miles, or work out at the gym for however long, but then refuse to log?  Is logging harder than your workout?  If you don’t log, you might as well just waste that workout!

Look at it this way- you go to the gym, for say… an hour, hour and a half?  Do you know how many calories you burned?  Then you eat “healthy” (I am taking your word for it when you say it).  How many calories did you eat?  Did you eat enough after a workout day?  To many calories to where you are gaining weight even though you worked out?  How the hell do you know how to eat if you don’t keep track?  And it’s not even like it’s all old school where you have to right it down then go enter it into the computer.  There are tracking apps where they have food scanners.  You get out your oatmeal for breakfast and you scan the UPC code and it enters it for you! It’s really not hard, it’s definitely not as hard as a really good workout!


Lets face it people. Weight loss is NOT easy.  If it were easy everyone in the world would be thin and fit.  It takes work, commitment, and doing things that we don’t necessarily love doing.  BUT, if you log, and you do it 100% then you will see results!

Here’s a link to another logging post.  Includes links to some logging apps.  Are you logging?

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